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Create a website in minutes


Choose from over 750 templates and styles


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Create your own blog


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Update from any computer


Connect with scouts from around the country


Create a Website of Your Own with Next Athlete!
Next Athlete is the first online service of its kind to allow athletes in all stages of their development to create a website with zero design or programming experience required. Athletes can create a website in minutes with our easy to use service, and personalize the layout to make it their own. Next Athlete offers a completely customizable platform for athletes to display their photos, videos, bios, statistics, schedules, articles and more. After you create a website, you can also provide regular updates to your friends, coaches and family with the included blog software. While there are other services that allow users to create a generic player profile, Next Athlete differentiates itself by providing athletes the ability to create a website that can be custom tailored to match the look and feel they desire. This includes an endless combination of template designs, color schemes, fonts and page layouts. Athletes can also choose their own dot com website address through a provided service after they create a website. Next Athlete covers over 30 sports, ranging from basketball to softball to triathlons. The system also gives multi-sport athletes the ability to create a website, and redesign as needed, alternating sport themes according to their current season.

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