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Do you have a question about something? Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions and click on them to expand the answers. If you are still having any trouble, please Contact Us


1. General

1.1 Do I need design or programming experience to build a Next Athlete website?

1.2 What are the system requirements for having a Next Athlete website?

1.3 How much does Next Athlete cost?

1.4 What forms of payment do you accept?

1.5 What type of customer support do you offer?

1.6 I already have my own domain…can I use it with my Next Athlete website?

1.7 What happens if I cancel my site, or don’t pay a bill?

1.8 How will coaches find my website?

2. Media/Advertising Inquiries

2.1 I’m a journalist and would like to speak with someone at Next Athlete. Who can I contact?

2.2 How do I advertise on

3. Your Account

3.1 I am unable to signup. What’s wrong?

3.2 I can’t log in to my account?

3.3 I forgot my password.

3.4 How do I change my email address?

3.5 How do I change my password?

3.6 How do I change the way my name appears on my homepage?

3.7 Can I change plans after signing up?

3.8 How do I upgrade to the Gold plan with advanced features and a custom url?

3.9 Can I cancel at any time?

3.10 I received an email that said I have a new message. How do I check it?

4. Editing Your Website

4.1 How often can I change the design of my website?

4.2 How do I make changes to my website?

4.3 The picture I uploaded for the header of my website does not look right.

4.4 I don’t have any videos. Can I turn that page of my website off?

4.5 What is the difference between basic and advanced stats?

4.6 What is a Blog?

4.7 When entering content for my site, it asks me for “Headline Text” and “Intro Text”. What are these?


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